Do you need an Adelaide handover building inspection?

Purchasing your first Adelaide property is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make – whether it’s your first home, family living space or even part of a growing property portfolio.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re fully aware of everything about the building and a handover Adelaide building inspection can save you from unexpected amounts of time, money and stress.

What is a handover building inspection?

A handover building inspection results in a report which clearly identifies any defects, issues and items which must be repaired or completed to an adequately high standard for residential construction, prior to handover of the building and at practical completion of an Adelaide property.

Often the handover building inspectors will work directly with builders or roofing contractors to alert them to exactly what works needs doing, even identifying and marking specific areas for them to note.

The inspection is generally carried out by qualified professionals who should also then provide supporting documentation with the report which you will be able to refer back to in the case that future disputes occur between you and other parties, including the builders or the vendor.

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When do I need a handover building inspection?

It’s best to have a handover building inspection about a week before the handover occurs. This will be recent enough to ensure nothing major will change yet still give you a little time if any action does need to be taken.

Why do I need a handover building inspection?

Having a building inspection that is fully updated close to your handover will insure that everything is documented and could become a crucial report to refer to if any issues arise after you have moved into the property.

A handover building inspection produced by an experienced and efficient external company will also save you from dealing directly with builders or tradesmen and having to explain the findings or what needs doing. This will allow you to concentrate fully on the many other aspects of moving home that you’ll be involved with and alleviate stress for you at a busy time.

Peace of mind is one of the biggest things you’ll gain from a handover building inspection. It’s an assurance that you really are going to get what you pay for as it’ll indicate that everything is working exactly as it should be, and if not it’ll raise the alarm for you to potentially bring up issues with the vendor.

The other thing to consider is whether you have building inspection insurance.

This could leave you with room to negotiate on the price of the house or to save yourself from potential costs of being left with the repair work yourself.

Building and Pest inspections: What to look out for

Although there’s a huge amount to be said for seeking out a highly qualified professional to carry out a building and pest inspection in advance of purchasing your property, there are things you can do yourself.

Very few people truly understand the structural elements to a house and it’s very easy when viewing properties to be carried away by surface distractions and a general appearance. It’s definitely worth taking some time to research what you should be looking for, and you may save yourself a substantial amount of money and stress long term.

Take your time

Inspecting properties is often something people rush and this is bad news for spotting potential repair works or assessing structural performance of a building. Ensure that you are always given a sufficient amount of time to really explore the building and all the elements that you want to check over. This is where it might make sense to get a good software developer to take a look at what systems you’re using and get something custom made.

Make a list

It sounds simple but the best way to start figuring out the elements you want to ensure are in good condition, is to make a list. Sometimes called a Home Buyer Inspection Check List, these will divide the property into sections and allow you to order your inspection so as not to miss anything crucial. This list can be anything! You can check out an example of a good list here called things to do in adelaide.

What to look for:

  • Doors and Windows
    These are incredibly easy to inspect yet incredibly tiresome to replace. Check that all the doors and windows open and shut without any obstruction. Have a look for uneven gaps or cracks around them and make sure that they don’t jam or stiffen. With windows, you should try to spot any condensation or damp on them, especially around the frames. If you have double glazing windows adelaide, then you’ll need to ensure this is sorted.
  • Walls and Ceilings
    This is where repairs can get seriously expensive so take your time to really assess these carefully. You’ll want to be familiar with what ‘buckling’ looks like and watch out for this in the walls. You should also inspect for any damp patches or mould stains on the walls, and sagging in the ceiling.
  • Kitchen
    Go straight to the kitchen sink and check for leaks underneath as this is one of the most common areas due to the presence of waste pipes. Make sure that all of the plumbing fittings are tightly secured and in place in this area. Always double check the exhaust system on the cooker – it should have an external vent.
  • Bathroom
    A simple test you can do is to turn the taps on and off. You’ll also want to try the shower and flush the toilet. Don’t be afraid to do all of these, you’re perfectly entitled to and it’ll quickly highlight any issues. To avoid future issues with damp, you’ll need to check that an appropriate exhaust fan is fully installed and functioning
  • Roof
    It can be hard to gain access to the roof to properly assess it however it’s an essential part of inspection any building. You’ll want to have a clear idea of the type of timbers used in the loft and look carefully around skylights and air conditioning vents. If there are roof covers, always check these for rust and check tiles carefully for fading or cracks.

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